VeeFriends NFT

VeeFriends NFT: All You Need to Know

VeeFriends entails a unique project with a collection of 10,225 unique digital art items found in the Ethereum blockchain. Every piece of art in this project is unique, and most of these projects assume a template, and the traits determine their rarity. However, Veefriends is all about simple animal drawings with different backgrounds. 

Accordingly, the Veefriends project is a creation of Gary Vaynerchuk, one of the leading Web 3 and NFT advocates. The odd chances are that if you’ve been in the NFT space for a while, you must have heard of Gary Vee. His intention for creating VeeFriends was to realize his dreams of using NFT technology to generate his business passion. 

This article teaches you all you need to know about VeeFriends NFTs.

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What is VeeFriends NFT? 

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VeeFriends is an NFT collection by Gary Vaynerchuk. When you own a VeeFriend NFT, you automatically join the community of VeeFriends which allows you access to VeeCon. VeeCon is an exclusive multi-day event specifically for NFT holders. Thus, your NFT grants you a 3-year access pass to the event. 

The main focus of the conference is to center on competition, innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity, ideas, marketing, business, and fun! Thus, Gary intends to bring out the best experience to his community through informational value and access to holders of VeeFriend tokens who attend the event. 

If you hold 2 VeeFriend tokens, it translates to 2 tickets to attend VeeCon. All locations and dates are set 180 days before the event date. 

What is VeeFriends Count?

VeeFriend count means paying homage to an artwork’s specified book games. It’s a combination of 15 frames, 5 rarities, and 16 unique artworks to develop a variety of 1,200 different book game token types of rarities. 

How Do VeeFriends NFT Work? 

VeeFriends is a character collection hand-drawn and conceived by Gary Vaynerchuk. Additionally, all the characters possess alliterative names such as “Independent Inchworm,” “Empathetic Elephant,” “Adventurous Astronaut,” and “Courageous Cockatoo” – that bear some attributes of value to Gary Vaynerchuk and others. More importantly, VeeFriends uses smart contract technology in NFTs to offer real value to everyone who owns a token. 

Thus, in the world of VeeFriends, there are 268 characters with tokens totaling 10,255. Accordingly, there’s a breakdown of the tokens into 3 different categories: 555 Gift Goat, 300 Access, and 9,400 Admission tokens. These tokens also award you a ticket to VeeCon, a superconference hosted by Gary Vaynerchuk for the next three years (2022-2024). 

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The conference is an iconic event that rivals other great world conferences in community building, creativity, ideas, marketing, entrepreneurship, etc.  Furthermore, VeeFriends is greater than drawings or art. It’s primarily about legacy and community. Hence, it marks the start of an intellectual property empire that Gary Vaynerchuk intends to build for the rest of his life. 

He, therefore, intends to spend the next 45 years creating the 268 characters to have meaning in culture – from consumer goods, streetwear, video games, and more! 

How Much is a VeeFriends NFT?

The amount people spend on VeeFriends varies, in line with crypto markets and the broader NFT landscape.  At the first minting of the project, it had a floor price of 14.5 ETH, and it was common for items to sell at this amount. 

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Currently, the price of VeeFriends NFTs is very high, and there still are massive VeeFriends token volumes to trade. For instance, VeeFriends can sell for more than 20 ETH, which is a common occurrence. Additionally, there’s a high demand for NFTs with a high rarity value that can go up to 50 ETH. For example, the ‘Gift Goat’ sold at over 50 ETH a few days ago. 

The current VeeFriends floor price is 15.9ETH, which is approximately $41K. Over time, the floor price has fluctuated immensely and is currently at a relatively high level. At the initial minting of the first project, the floor price was 14.5 ETH level. However, the trajectory slowed down at the end of 2021, and the floor price went as low as 7ETH. 

It would have been the right time to buy the VeeFriends NFT as prices skyrocketed from that point. Accordingly, the all-time high VeeFriends floor price was on March 6, 2022, when the cheapest item in the collection sold for 18ETH. Currently, the floor price is 14ETH, which means more room for growth, especially if there’s more utility to the NFTs. 

What are VeeFriends Selling For? 

Currently, the most expensive VeeFriends NFT listed in the market is the ‘Adventurous Astronaut.’ Its price is 1997 ETH, which is approximately over $5m. However, the chances are that very few people would be willing to buy such an expensive VeeFriends NFT.

Another VeeFriends NFT sale was a few days ago of the ‘Podcast Panther’ that sold for 120 ETH, which rounds off to approximately $330K. Therefore, with these figures, we see how much people are willing to spend on some of the rarest VeeFriend’s NFTs. Once you open the activity button on OpenSea, you’ll need to scroll down a few pages, and you’ll see VeeFriend tokens selling for over 30 ETH.

Thus, the above figures show us that the price of VeeFriends fluctuates depending on the rarity of the item. 266 object/animal drawings alter the rarity due to their property, group, conference, category, benefit, animals, adjectives, redemptions, and editions.

Additionally, the NFTs also fall in categories of epic rarity, very rare, spectacular, and rare. Thus, these factors create a huge difference in their price. For instance, the cheapest, ‘rare’ NFT sells at 16.6ETH, and 1880 rare VeeFriends NFTs available.  Furthermore, the cheapest ‘Epic’ NFT in VeeFriends costs over 20ETH, and only 470 of them are available out of the entire collection.

How to Buy VeeFriends on OpenSea 

While it’s not possible to buy VeeFriends from, you can still make your purchase on OpenSea. That said, it’s critical to exercise caution as you navigate the platform, and you’re advised to triple-check the listings before making a purchase. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to safely buy VeeFriend on OpenSea:

Pick the Best VeeFriends 

In this section on OpenSea, you need to check all the listed VeeFriends sorted by the different filters on the left side of your screen. Next, click ‘Buy Now’ to see all the VeeFriends in the ‘buy now’ category. Select ‘On Auction’ to identify the VeeFriends on auction and all other relevant information. Also, it might be of help to perform your search using the price. On the right side of the OpenSea page, select ‘Sort by’ and select ‘Price: Low to High.’

Additionally, you can choose to tailor-make your search using other filters such as the offers by VeeFriends, animal types, benefit types( one on one vs. competition vs. group access). 

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Other options include adjectives, OG prices, and a range of other alternatives. The ‘On Sale In’ filter allows you to search related to the currency type where VeeFriends are available for you to buy (USDC, DAI, WETH, or ETH). Take note that if a token is for auction, OpenSea requires that you purchase your VeeFriends NFT using wrapped ETH or WETH.

Therefore, you’re free to combine different filters to broaden your search or make it as specific as you please.

Fund your Wallet Using Cryptocurrency 

Before executing any purchase, you need ETH in your wallet for easy access on OpenSea. MetaMask is the best easy-to-use option with OpenSea. If you still haven’t purchased any Ethereum, refer to how you can have Ethereum in your wallet

Get your NFT on OpenSea 

You need to click on the blue button with a checkmark atop the character name. Thus, you’ll get to the right page for the VeeFriends OpenSea collection.  Here, you can browse different categories on auction, newly minted and recently listed.  To view all the tokens, click on the black button ‘view all’ at the top right-hand side of the page. 

Transfer ETH to a Web3 Wallet 

While tokens may not be available for you to buy on, a Web3 wallet such as MetaMask helps you navigate safely. It ensures that you’re about to purchase on the correct listings with an official association with VeeFriends; thus, you’ll not fall prey to scammers. 

First, you need to connect MetaTask to If you’ve downloaded a desktop extension for MetaTask, ensure you’ve signed in to the account. 

Here’s how to install MetaMask on Brave, Firefox, or Chrome:

  • Go to the MetaMask website and choose the browser you intend to use
  • Click on the ‘Add to Chrome’ option then ‘Add Extension’
  • Proceed to create an account then your wallet
  • At the secret seed phase, there’s a list of 12 words that help you recover your digital wallet
  • Verify the seed

If you don’t know how to add cryptocurrency to MetaMask, here’s how to go about it:

Once you’ve installed MetaMask on your browser, you can now deposit cryptocurrency from a digital wallet or an exchange.

  • Open your metatask application
  • Copy the public address
  • Send your cryptocurrency

Once done with the process, your ERC-20 or Ether tokens get to your Web3 wallet once processed. 

Here’s how to send cryptocurrency from MetaMask:

  • Click on MetaMask at the top right side of your screen to access the browser extension.
  • Select the cryptocurrency you intend to transfer from the MetaMask wallet.
  • Click send and add the wallet’s public address you wish to receive the cryptocurrency.
  • Enter the amount to transfer and the expected transaction fee. Note that the higher the transaction fee, the faster the transaction processing.

Purchase the VeeFriends NFT 

Once you’ve identified the VeeFriend you want, the next thing is to make your purchase. Click on the VeeFriend NFT you intend to buy and proceed to the ‘Buy Now’ button. OpenSea sends a transaction into the MetaTask wallet at the checkout point for signing. 

If you’ve chosen to use Trezor hardware or a ledger, OpenSea sends the transaction to MetaMask for confirmation. Once the transaction is successful, the VeeFriend moves to your wallet. 

Congratulations! You’re now a VeeFriend owner through OpenSea.

We hope you’re now confident enough to buy the first VeeFriend NFT on OpenSea. If you have any further questions on how to make a VeeFriend purchase on OpenSea, there’s a Discord Community that answers all your questions. 

VeeFriends NFT Analysis

In this section, we focus on the three primary elements that make the VeeFriends project enjoyable: 


First, VeeFriends NFTs possess a real-world utility. All VeeFriends holders access the yearly event VeeCon, and thousands of people, including prominent world leaders, attend the event. Additionally, every NFT possesses a certain level of individual utility based on the rarity traits. 


The massive strong community behind the VeeFriends project is one of the most attractive attributes of the project. Gary Vee’s idea was to center the project around a concept of high utility levels, therefore, creating a solid community. Its 317K members give a highlight that he has achieved that. Accordingly, the project has a following of over 240K Instagram followers, with over 198K on Twitter. Thus, we see the project’s prominence in the broader NFT community. 


The project’s last but most important aspect is its founder Gary Vaynerchuk. Such a passionate NFT advocate is at the forefront of this project, giving NFT investors confidence in the project’s future. 


What Did VeeFriends Sell For?

From the VeeFriends collection, the Alert Ape had a selling price of $326,000. The other two expensive tokens are the Adaptable Alien, which sold at $318,000, and the Courtside Cat at $283,000. 

Why are NFTs So Expensive?

The value of NFTs is in their ability to have their authenticity verified. Thus, this makes the NFTs one of a kind and unique. For example, Picasso’s paintings are NFTs. Maybe someone can make copies of his paintings, but his original work remains unique and irreplaceable. 

How Many VeeFriends Does Gary Own? 

Gary owns 268 unique VeeFriends characters. The VeeFriend tokens are in 3 categories – Admission, Gift, and Access. 

How Much Has Gary Vee Made From NFTs? 

In 90 days, Gary Vaynerchuk made over $90m from selling his hand-drawn, child-like cartoons as non-fungible tokens. Nine months before selling the NFTs, he had no idea about NFTs. 

How Do I Access My GaryVee NFT Collection?

Navigate to and search ‘GaryVee’ or ‘Gennady’ under accounts. These are the two main wallets to look up the GaryVee NFT collection. Both accounts have a blue verification tick next to the account names. 


VeeFriends have significant growth potential, especially with the rise of the floor price. Additionally, the exciting utility, outstanding leadership, and strong community mean there’s potential for the project to move even higher in the coming months. 

Also, the broader NFT market is currently on a significant bull run, which increases the great chances that the VeeFriends offer. VeeFriends is here with us, and we’re all excited to see what Gary Vaynerchuk and his team have worked so hard for.