Below is a compilation of some of the projects I have worked on.

I enjoy writing on a variety of topics and I am open to taking projects on exciting industries.

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I strive to make at least one high quality article per week using all that I have learned from the top bloggers that I follow. 

Why Should You Hire Me? You need the best Blog Content

In-depth Research

There’s need to stand above the crowd. That’s why I go deep into researching for your content


I write for human readers, of course. But I do it too well, the robots just have to find you and rank you well enough


I get it. Time is crucial for life. 100% Quality, 100% In-time, 100% Engaging


We are so happy with the content that Peter produces for us on a regular basis. He does a great job researching the topics and demonstrates accurate technical knowledge of our niche. He also knows how to put together the articles to maximize readability and get traffic to the website, which is a huge plus. He's one of our most dependable writers!
editor-in-chief at
Elizabeth Ciobanu
Peter has been writing for me for the past couple of years. The fact that he is still writing for me to date means that he is good at what he does. The articles are well researched and well written, they rank well on Google and his review articles convert extremely well. Peter goes above and beyond to ensure that I’m satisfied with his work. He is easy to work with, follows instructions and is responsive. So I can’t recommend him enough!
Carol Dike
Carol Dike
Amazon Affiliate Marketer