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How to Create High-Quality Product Review Articles

If you think your writing sucks, or if you feel like it takes ages for you to write product review articles, read this post.

As I said earlier in one of my posts, most top rated writers have a formula that helps them get things done real fast without compromising on quality.

Jim and Ricky of Income School did a video about writing a response post (approx 1500 words) in about 2 hours. You can try looking for this video on YT. {Nope, I’m too lazy to find the link for you.}

So, here are some of the pointers that will help you create personable content that your readers will engage and read through to the end.

Well, it’s not a cookie-cutter type of strategy. You’ll have to reconfig’ this for your type of audience.

Here we go! I’ll start from the common ones that you’ve already heard, and save the best nuggets for last.

1. Get an Attention-Grabbing Headline

One that will either make squint or plunge a tent peg deep in the guts of your audience. We are talking about a heading that will make people feel that they need to know more. If you are charming, smooth them to irresistibility.

2. Introduce yourself

Be sure to introduce yourself and share a story that helps you relate with your audience. If you want people to walk with you through your article and know why you are on their face, introduce yourself and share your story. assuming that all of your audience knows you.

Remember, this is your point of creating a rapport so make it count. Share your story and be as personal as you can. If you don’t, you get to be another unrelatable persona online. Also, If you overdo it they’ll want you to suck it up.

3. Main Body of Your Article

Share your main content from here on. If it’s a product review, go pro on where you found the product and let them know why they should listen to you.

You’ve already done a great job at keeping them all through, now don’t be a buzz kill.

Most people jump right to discuss the specs/ features of what they’re reviewing. No, hold your horses.

Instead of going in-depth, touch lightly on the most “amazing/ irresistible/ unheard-of featured specs.” The specs always take less than a line if you’re starting your review with them. Otherwise, they always come after the important stuff.

The Important Stuff

What’s the important stuff?

Unless you’re talking about a suit that comes with an in-built charging dock, there’s much more important stuff that you can talk about. When looking for reviews, most audiences are interested in knowing

a. How the product/ service works

b. Why they should go ahead and buy it

c. Why the item/ service is not a waste of money

(Of course, there are people who want to know the technical stuff, so keep in mind to mention the most captivating specs.)

– Other times, they just want to know that they are not making the decision alone, and they will be happy that you validate their interests

Anywhere through these three points above, use the specs as proof of function and to affirm that what you’re talking about is solid.

Lastly, where should people buy it? Who sells it better? Who provides better packaging? Go raw on whoever that sells it best and why you like buying it from that person/vendor. You can brag about the vendor here, it affirms the buying decision some more.

Where can they find discounts or coupons? Don’t forget to mention this.

Summarize your article, remind your audience why the product/service is a must buy.

Encourage people to ask you questions and share their concerns with you in the comments section.

What are your comments about this article? Was it helpful? Please share your thoughts down below.

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