How Often Should You Write a Blog Post

How Often Should You Write a Blog Post

Writing blogs has become a trend in recent days. It’s a lucrative business because more people are reading and writing. However, it’s one of the most stressful creative works available. 

It’s stressful because writers have to think of the readers and imagine their thoughts before publishing a blog. The pressure makes it easy to fall into writer’s block while blogging. 

It’s, therefore, essential to establish a plan to follow before getting into blogging as a serious goal. 

So, how often should you write a blog post? Consider writing biweekly. You’ll need to write new content constantly to increase reader traffic. You should spend at least 2 hours writing one blog so as to maximize its quality and ranking factors. 

Read on to find out other things you need to consider when writing a blog. 

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How Often Should You Write a Blog Post?

Your frequency of writing blogs depends on your content and the goals you want to achieve. While some creators prefer to write daily, some like having a biweekly schedule. 

Writing blogs biweekly allows you to remain in the craft and improve your skills without feeling burnt out. Additionally, there’s a high chance you’ll post at least one blog if you frequently write throughout the week. 

Posting creates traffic for your blog, which increases conversations and consequently motivates you to write more. However, biweekly writing is only a suggestion. If you have time and resources to write daily, feel free. 

If your time is limited, you can choose to write monthly content. 

Is Writing One Blog Post a Week Enough?

Yes, writing one blog post a week is enough. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned writer, the quality of a blog matters more than the quantity. Therefore, it’s still valid to write one blog post a week. 

However, it’s best to write more than once a week to improve your writing skills, increase ranking chances, and have more conversations. Also, frequent writing allows you to notice your flow and catch mistakes frequently.  

However, if you treat blogging as a part-time job, once a week gives you time to work on other jobs. 

Is It Essential to Write and Post to a Blog Regularly?

Yes, it’s essential to write and post a blog regularly. Here’s why. Your revenue increases if your posts are catchy and top-quality. When you write and post a blog regularly, your traffic increases quickly. Consequently, your readers increase.

The results? High chances of making money.

Therefore, it matters not if you’re after affiliate sales, higher traffic, or increased ad impressions, regular blogging is essential and effective for both new and seasoned bloggers. 

Even so, don’t just publish regularly. To ensure that when you blog regularly your content convert and attract more leads, the following is necessary:

  • Do good keyword research before writing
  • Write with your readers in mind. That’s to say, respond to their questions
  • Give promises but be sure to fulfill them – readers will trust you and follow your blog

How Long Should You Spend Writing a Blog Post?

Though most people take about 2 hours, the length of time it takes you to write a blog varies depending on a few things, for example, your typing speed, type of content, and its length. On average, though, writing a top-notch 500 words article may take at least 1 to 2 hours. 

For a 500 words article that is totally complex, some writers spend up to 4 hours or more. Simple to write content, though, may take only 1 hour or less to write. 

However, if you plan your content, you’re likely to take less time. Also, if you’re a fast typist, you’ll spend less time writing. Having written in the same niche for many years may also make your writing time shorter than that of writers who are new to that niche. 

Do I Need to Write New Content Constantly?

Yes, you need to create and write new content as frequently as possible. Writing fresh content shows your readers that you’re broad-minded and exciting. No one wants the old stuff all years. 

Additionally, the new content allows you to explore different areas of creativity. Varied creativity improves your style and potentially increases your reader base. 

Readers are more likely to engage and communicate with you if the content is new each time they visit your blog. 

Also, writing new content every time you blog also increases your followers.s 

How Long Before the Blogs I Write Get Traffic?

It takes three to six months before seeing significant traffic on your blogs. However, you’re likely to get more readers if you’re writing engaging content, regularly. 

Additionally, the time frame reduces if you know how to format your work to match the current search engine. 

Here are some more tips to follow to increase traffic. 

  • Curate your website to suit your writing content: Blogging is a visual pursuit like reading. Therefore, format your site to be easy to navigate and appealing to readers. 
  • Improve your content quality: To get better results in terms of traffic, always check your writing and ensure it’s up to date with the standards of higher-ranking blogs. Although it’s not advisable to compare yourself to other writers, keeping up to date with the changing writing styles and implementing them into your work helps. 
  • Have a publishing schedule: A publishing schedule means writing and posting simultaneously every week or day, depending on how fast you write. A consistent writing schedule allows your readers to create a habit and longing for your subsequent publication. 
  • Keep your social media updated: Traffic on your blogs comes from how well you advertise what you write. Therefore, create other social media platforms and post on them frequently. Frequent posting keeps you in the mind of your readers. They’re more likely to check the tour websites and recommend you to friends. 
  • Participate in microblogging: Microblogging means you write and post your blogs while engaging in conversation with your readers on other social media platforms. Most common social media platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Microblogging boosts traffic exceedingly because your readers feel like they’re part of the writing process. Additionally, microblogging helps you reduce mistakes while writing. Since you’re writing your blog and messaging your readers, they can give live feedback whenever you need it.

What are the Best Sites to Write Blogs?

The best site to write blogs is WordPress. It’s available worldwide and offers more writing features than other blogging platforms. However, most of these features require you to subscribe to a package to access them. 

Other sites to consider include  Medium, which offers excellent features without a subscription. However, medium doesn’t have a payable option for all bloggers worldwide. Other best sites to write blogs include:

  • Wix
  • Square Space
  • LinkedIn, and 
  • Tumblr 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Bloggers Fail?

Bloggers fail for different reasons. The most common, though, is inconsistent writing and posting. Since blogging success relies on your content’s traffic, you’ll need to keep your readers engaged. 

Another reason bloggers fail is that they’re not writing engaging content. It’s essential to understand the area you want to work on and write exciting and new content throughout your season as a writer. 

What is a Good Number of Views for a Blog?

Various factors determine what’s the good number of views for a blog, but if you’re looking to earn from your site, consider 50, 000 views to be good enough. With such a number, any affiliate marketer can make at least $10,000 every month. 

For a blogger whose income is based on Ads, 100k plus views would be better. Even so, don’t chase views. Instead, build your community through engaging and creative content. 

You’re likely to get many views if you keep your head down and concentrate on quality instead of the number of people reading. 

Is Posting Every day Too Much?

No, posting blogs every day isn’t too much. However, it’s best to write small titbit blogs when posting every day. 

You don’t want to exhaust your readers with a lengthy blog on each post. Besides, posting every day will eventually cause burnout on your end. Consequently, you’ll suffer from writer’s block. 

Therefore, consider writing and posting one main blog and mini-series daily to keep your readers on your site and keep yourself going too. 

How Many blogs Should You Post a Month?

You should post at least 11 to 16 blogs each month. Writing and posting blogs is all about building a community. Therefore, I advise you to write and post at least 2 blog posts a week. Else, a maximum of 4 each week. 

The number isn’t too aggressive that you’ll have to struggle for content, and it isn’t too high that you’ll overwhelm yourself or your readers. 

How Long Does it Take to Write a 2500-word Blog? 

Based on your research skill and typing speed, it may take 1 to 8.3 hours to write a 2500-word blog. The higher the research needed the higher the time spent to finish writing. If there are citations, graphics, and links to include, then you’ll spend more time, too. 

Bottom Line

When answering how often you should write a blog post, always try to be objective. Different writers have different writing and research skills. Although some things may relate to other bloggers, it’s essential to understand we’re abled differently. 

Something to think about that helps you determine how often you’ll be writing blog posts is your knowledge of the topics. You’ll have little pressure if you’re selective about what you write, too.

Remember, though, that quality is more important than the number of blogs you can write.