How Much Should I Charge To Write A Blog Post?

How Much Should I Charge To Write A Blog Post?

How much you should charge for a blog post is a challenging question for most bloggers. While companies are now focusing on corporate blogs as a marketing strategy, the market is flooded with untrained writers who don’t mind having peanuts for pay. That keeps the rate too low for the qualified ones, and thus, you’re probably asking yourself this one question:

How much should I charge to write a blog post? 

On average, charge $15 – $35 per hour to write a blog post. You can charge up to $1000+ per post if you’re an expert writer. Your specific quote is based on the length of the blog, the needed research, and experience level. When setting your charges, the time and effort spent on the project matter.

This article provides the information you need to price your blog appropriately. Read on.  

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How Much Should I Charge To Write A Blog Post?

You can charge up to $1000+ to write a blog post. Also, you can opt for an hourly or per word rate instead of payment per post. Whichever pricing model you choose, you should consider every factor and come up with charges worth your work.  

Blog Post Pricing Models

You can charge your client(s) to write a blog post in three major ways. These include:

  • Per hour model
  • Per word model
  • Per post model

Read on as we expound on each of the above blog pricing models.

Per Hour Model

You can charge $15 – $35 per hour on average. However, some bloggers charge as low as $11, while others can go as high as $130+. Most companies are used to the hourly rate pricing model; hence, it’s a good option when dealing with corporations as your clients. 

One major drawback of the hourly rate pricing of your services is that you can easily undercharge a task. Why? Some blogs may require extensive research, consuming more time than normal. That usually happens when handling an unfamiliar niche. 

Additionally, you need to consider the time you take when doing corrections and editing.

Per Word Model 

According to Fiverr, charging your clients around $.10 per word is a good rate for a beginner, but if you’re an experienced writer, $.25 – $.50 per word is an excellent rate. This model saves the unpredictability found in the hourly rate charging as the payment is based on the output.

This method is beneficial to you and the client also. While it motivates you to increase your quantity for higher pay, the client is able to keep a check on their budget. 

Nonetheless, your specific rate is influenced by experience, specialization, work quality, editing skills, and expertise in SEO.

Although the per-word blog charging rate sounds great, that may not be the case for some tasks. Some blogs may require you to analyze the keyword, conduct interviews, structure cogent arguments, revise the content, and the like. These activities aren’t considered in the rate.

Per Post Model

Charging $100 – $300 for up to 300 words is a good deal. If the word count exceeds that, consider increasing the amount accordingly. The charges can rise up to $1000 or more.

Also, the same factors affecting the hourly and per-word rates affect this model. The more involving a task is, the higher you should charge to write a blog post. Additionally, your level of experience also matters.

How to Charge To Write A Blog Post According To Experience

There are three levels of experience in blog post writing, including:

  • Entry
  • Intermediate, and 
  • Expert 

Generally, you can charge between $11 and $130 per hour as a blog post writer. However, there are specific charges for the different levels. Let’s have a look at each of them. 

Entry/ Beginner’s Level

You can charge $20 per hour on average. Therefore, any charges ranging from $10 to $30 per hour are a reasonable amount. 

Who is an entry-level blog writer?

An entry-level blogger is a writer without much experience/skill in the writing industry. Hence, the content might have the wrong phrases or tone, grammatical errors, and plagiarism. This blogger may lack SEO expertise and editorial services.

Intermediate Level

You can charge an average of $41 per hour at this level as you have enough skill to deliver per the given instructions. The specific amount depends on factors such as the research needed, your level of experience, and any extra activity besides writing.

Expert Level

You can quote an average of $85 per hour. Better still, up to $130+ per hour because your quality is outstanding. Plus, you’re knowledgeable in almost everything about writing and SEO. 

What does it mean to be an expert blogger?

Being an expert means you can offer well-researched and professionally done pieces of writing. Also, you are conversant with the SEO best practices, have editing capability, and well-formatted work, among other most sought-for qualifications.

What Must A Blog Post Entail For You To Charge Good Rates?

There are several key features that a blog post must entail for you to charge good rates. They include the following.

  • Right structure
  • Graphical content
  • Remarkable focus
  • Average word count

Let’s look at each feature and how they influence your rates. 

Read on.

1. Right Structure

Proper structuring of your blogs increases their readability. It also makes it easy to scan through and share them. What’s more, consistency in your blogs’ structuring enhances their recognizability by your audience. 

A good structure includes a catchy introduction that identifies with the reader’s problem and transits smoothly into the body. The body should have a logical flow and be well-broken with relevant headings and subheadings. Finally, have a conclusion that summarizes your blog and includes the Call To Action (CTA).

On the other hand, poor blog structure creates an impression of a disorganized writer! And when you write a well-structured blog, you can boldly charge high rates depending on its length.

2. Graphical Content

Although a properly written blog post ranks high, adding visual content positions your blog post on a higher edge than the others. These graphics include images, videos, infographics, and slideshows relevant to the topic.

These visuals are also a great strategy for breaking your content to avoid blocking texts that are boring to the reader. Graphical content conveys the message at a glance; no wonder 62% of people are visual learners.

Including visuals may consume more time than pure written content. Hence, it allows you to demand higher rates.

Remarkable Focus

You should maintain a clear focus in your blog posts. By narrowing it down to a specific area of focus, the readers can know what to expect from your content. It’s worth noting that a reader is looking for specific information and not something interesting.

Although maintaining a clear focus may seem to limit the reader, it boosts your credibility as a blogger. It portrays a high level of professionalism that makes your audience confident in you. 

If your blog posts draw more traffic to your client’s site, you can raise your rates with objection because that reflects your excellent quality.

Average Word Count

Write an average of $400 – $1000 per blog post. Beyond this range, you may have to break your blog into two or tighten up your language and ideas. That way, you make your content easily digestible, and a reader can take just a few minutes to go through it. Lengthy scrolling makes most readers back off!

A short and to-the-point blog post attracts many readers who boost your popularity as a competent writer. As such, you can charge according to your experience without any objection from your clients. 


What Is A Good Freelance Writing Rate?

A good freelance writing rate ranges between $250 and $399 per post. This rate is mostly applicable for 1,500 words blog posts. If you’re writing a whitepaper, $500 – $999 is an ideal rate. Nonetheless, you’ve to provide quality work to earn this amount of money.

How Much Do Blog Writers Make Per Article?

How much blog writers make per article depends on their expertise, the amount of research needed, and the length of each article, among other factors. For instance, you can earn $25 – $300 per 1,200 words blog post. There is no standard amount of money a writer can make in the blogging industry. 

How Much Should I Charge For A 500-Word Blog Post?

A $75 – $200 per post rate is ideal for a 500-words blog post on average. Nevertheless, you can charge higher depending on your expertise and the research you need to conduct. This word count is suitable for personal profiles or short newsletters. 

How Do You Get Paid When You Blog?

When you blog, you get paid through ad networks. You can either be paid per click or impression. Per click, you receive money whenever a viewer clicks on the ad. On the other hand, per impression earning depends on the number of times the ad appears. A brand can also ask you to place an Ad on the blog and pay you directly.


How much you should charge to write a blog post is a broad discussion because it has diverse answers from various perspectives.

You can charge your blog posts based on an hourly rate, per word, or a flat rate per post. However, most clients work with the hourly and the per-word pricing models. 

 Also, your experience level dramatically influences what you quote for a price. There is the entry, intermediary, and expert level, each charging a different price for their services. Hence, you need to identify your level to charge according to the quality you can offer.

Basically, there is no standard price for blog post writing!