Google Discover vs. Google News

Google Discover vs. Google News (What Do They DO?)

Google News and Google Discover are both platforms that will save you from the hustle and bustle of always going to Google Chrome or YouTube to search for stuff you like. Instead, they can be your personalized library of content that interests you. Content that you browse and view on your devices most of the time. Google realized this as a new way for users to interact with the web and added these two platforms for this specific reason. One for news articles and the other for content published on different websites. 

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Brief History.

Both platforms have been around for a while.

Google Discover has been around since 2012 when it was “Google Now.” “Google Now” provided you with information throughout the day without your interaction. To put it another way, Google would conduct your Google searches for you.

Google gradually de-emphasized the product and shifted many of its functions to Google Assistant’s “Snapshot.”

They eventually whittled it down to essential items from around the web, and they dubbed it the “Google Feed.” Google announced a new name and style for Google Discover in 2018, and that’s what we have now.

Google News has been around since 2002 and has undergone a lot of changes since then too.

How Does Google Discover Work?

Google Discover is a user experience platform where you can access information just like you will while doing a Google search on Google Chrome. However, the difference is that you do not need to search for anything on this platform. Instead, it has inbuilt bots that crawl your browser history and volume of search to curate content for you automatically. If you search about football most of the time, the platform will most likely curate content related to football topics.

All you have to do is assist the AI in collecting relevant information from your browsers. You do this by regularly using your browser to browse the internet for the topics that interest you. While doing this, bots crawl your web browser and continually keep up-to-date reports on your browser history. The bots immediately relay the information to the Google Discover Algorithm that does another proper search for content related to your web searches. After this, Google Discover combines all this information and presents all this information in a presentable way that you can easily access by clicking the cards.

It specifically means this content is for you. It curates all your interest in one place where you can easily access them instead of always searching. You can also apply custom filters to the content being displayed by your Google Discover. You can remove content about a specific topic that you wouldn’t want to be displayed.

How Does Google News Work?

Google News, however, deals with specific news articles published by most media houses around the world and those found around your location (as in the country you live in). Google News is different because it doesn’t gather browser information but uses your location history. It then proceeds to gather and curate news articles published from around your location (country). Plus, you can log into the App using your email address, then set custom filters for the content you want. You have the option to choose the media houses whose news articles you want to follow. 

Google News Features.

You can also choose to get news articles about specific topics and even a broader category of topics. For example, food is a broad category, but Himalayan recipes will be a topic under food recipes.

The App also has a built-in search ability that enables the users to search for specific topics or media houses they want to get news articles from regularly. It also has a section where you can find headlines, the daily news published in the last 24 hours and news that most people are viewing or looking for on the internet. 

You can also share with your friends on most social media sites, email, and messages any specific article you come across directly from Google News by using the share button. 

The Google News app also allows users to set alerts and notifications on certain specific topics to get timely information promptly. Maybe you are an investor or broker on the stock exchange markets; you can enable the receive alerts and notifications setting to be notified whenever news regarding stock markets hits the news. 

The App has a feature – the Activity feature that allows users to view their activity on the App; they can know things like which topics they read most about and which media houses (news sources) they follow most.

Google has come up with algorithms and in-built AI that help gather accurate information and present it promptly and in an easily presentable way. For example, Google Discover will present this information as cards that appear presentable. It displays the title, the publisher, the first few words from the content, and the article’s date.

Google Discover enables the users to know more about the information they didn’t even know about earlier. That’s just how good the platform is – it allows users to know much more about their areas of interest, broadening their knowledge of their areas of interest. It is like your own personal library, containing only the books that you need. These books interest you, enabling you to focus your attention on just that area of interest. 

How does Google work with News Publishers?

Google News works with news articles publishers to host their content on the platform. Google News pays for all articles on the platform. It has agreements with all news sources to promote publishers’ works and make it a way of earning income. However, Google doesn’t pay for any content that appears on Google Discover since the platform gathers and curates already published articles on the web. By curating this content, Google assists the publishers’ work quickly found and read by google users. As long as they optimize their content for SEO, their work should be easy to find, collect, and curate. 

There are articles you require subscribing to and also others that are free to access. 

Most people describe it as the world’s largest news aggregator. All the big media houses and news sources are all on the platform, ensuring that users enjoy variety.

Focus on User Experience.

They made both platforms explicitly for you. It’s up to you to customize them to your liking, either deliberated or unintentionally. Both platforms have undergone massive changes necessary to improve the user experience and make gathering and curating information easy—being in line with compliance issues, such as copy-right and user data laws and regulations in the countries where these platforms operate.

Google Discover vs. Google News – Major Difference.

One primary difference between these two platforms is that Google News has a mobile app users can download and use across all devices – Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop. Users can download the App on Android and iOS, and also Microsoft. Google Discover is only available on mobile devices. It works on iPhones, iPads, and Android phones, and tablets. It’s also not available on Google’s mobile site. It’s only available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, only in the Google app.

The platforms have even changed names along the way. Google will continuously improve these platforms by tweaking some features or even doing away with some features. All this improves the user experience.