Get Paid To Drive a Car across Country

Get Paid To Drive a Car across Country: 11 Best Ways

In the 21st Century, there’s a growing desire for side hustles to earn more for a better life and cater for the surprisingly growing number of bills. Not many know that they can turn their cars into money-minting machines by getting paid to drive across the country.

If driving is your passion, you’ll debunk the myth that a car is a liability. From operating courier services to moving property to carry passengers, you could take full advantage of your automobile. Further, for more robust cars—pickups and trailer trucks—you can make money by towing cars for stranded drivers.

By now I’m certain you want to know more about the opportunities, costs, and requirements for getting paid to drive, this article is yours. 

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Get Paid To Drive a Car across Country: 11 Best Ways

There are all manner of ways to earn from driving. However, some are just more convenient and favorable. 

  1. Contact Auto Dealerships 

Automobile dealerships are perpetually in need of drivers. In the internet era, the craze of buying online hasn’t exempted them. Fewer and fewer customers walk into showrooms, negotiate the price of their preferred brand, pay, and drive home. 

So what do they do? They top-up the buying price of their asset with some delivery fees. The dealership then hires a driver to take it to the customer’s preferred destination.

If you’re indeed looking forward to earning from driving, you can visit such dealerships. You’ll get paid to deliver cars to the buyer’s home or preferred destination.

 Peddle is a good example of an auto dealership that pays drivers for car deliveries. They buy old, faulty and junk cars. Thus, they need skilled drivers for the many deliveries.

Job Requirements for Drivers

Delivery drivers are professionals with valid driving licenses and good driving records. If you have those qualifications, what remains is ensuring that you have some extra time to spare. Car deliveries can take quite some time, especially for across-country gigs.

It has to be said; auto-deliveries can get boring at times. The destination may be hundreds of miles away. If you’re not used to driving for long all by yourself, you may need to reconsider choosing auto driveaways.

Driveway Companies Paying Drivers to Move Cars in the US and Canada

If you’re set to finding an auto dealership to offer delivery services, then it would help to mention a few auto driveaway companies. Enrolling with such agencies boosts your chance of landing a job.

Auto Driveaway, a North American company, admits licensed drivers aged at least 23 years. A clean driving record is also a requirement. Further, you must complete a registration process.

Similarly, Driveaway USA pays independent contractors to deliver cars. One cool thing about them is that they award committed drivers through a Safe Driving Bonus Program. Further, referring other drivers to the platform earns you a bonus.

Driveway USA is quite flexible in its modes of operation. They practice open dispatch—you’re at liberty to choose your destination. Additionally, if you have a slightly busy schedule, you can choose to work part-time.

Toronto DriveAway serves the Sun Belt region of the USA. If your destination preference lies in the Southern States like Florida, Alabama, and Georgia (to name a few), you ought to consider this company.

They enroll drivers over the age of 30. Further, they value a clean driving record and require the drivers to have the necessary documentation to cross the Canadian border.

  1. Transport Cars as a Truck Driver

If you have a license for all the driving categories, why not try truck driving? I mean driving the trucks that haul small vehicles from one destination to another. 

Such heavy-duty tracks indeed need passion and skills to operate, but at the end of the day, they’re worth it. You make a lot of money in a shorter time than driving one car at a time.

Moreover, if you’re impressed with the idea of getting paid to drive trucks but lack the requisite skills, you may need to consider going for training. It’s worth the struggle.

 It’s important however to analyze the job market before diving in. What age do most truck companies require? What minimum license do I need to get hired? If the requirements fit into your plans, then commit yourself.

How Do I Find Truck Driver Jobs

Having driver qualifications is one thing; landing your dream job is another. It might take forever to get a job through referrals.

Instead, take the initiative of searching for these jobs on online job sites like Indeed, Craigslist, and ZipRecruiter. Using the search keyword “car hauler truck,” you’ll get great opportunities. 

Try to understand the job descriptions before you dive in. If you spend a lot on your certification, it’s crucial to go for that high-paying job that will restore your spent money in the shortest time possible. Ultimately, study the job benefits and choose the company that offers the best package.

  1. Roadie

There’s nothing as cool as receiving payment for deliveries across the country. Anytime you’re moving to a particular destination, you can always check whether there’s a delivery that fits your schedule and driving route.

The Roadie Driver App provides a platform that connects people who want to send their items and drivers driving through the designated routes. It’s available for Android users on the Google Playstore and the Apple Store for users of Apple devices.

So what are these “items” that Roadie handles? It’s mostly the small stuff. Some practical examples are delivering groceries from one person to another, taking medicine to an elderly patient, and carrying a school bag left at home, to name a few.

As a driver, it would take a lot of effort to get rich through Roadie. The average payment for the local gigs is $15 per trip and an average of $600 for the long trips. That’s for the small parcels.

However, Roadie isn’t for the small stuff only. You can get paid to deliver cars too! Nonetheless, you’ll be quite lucky to land one gig per week for delivering a car. Delivery of cars is relatively lucrative—one local gig could earn you an average of $50.

How Roadie Driver Works

Users who want to send their items post them on the Roadie Driver app. Such posts have details such as the pickup point, destination, name of the receiver, and the amount the sender wants to pay.

On the other hand, drivers search for the gigs available near them. Alternatively, drivers can set their preferences on the app and get notifications once their preferences match a particular gig.

However, before accepting a gig on the app, ensure you have a driving license and an insured car. Customers deposit payments directly to your bank account.

  1. Help in Moving Properties

Do you own a truck with a trailer? If yes, you can earn from moving large pieces of property like furniture, machinery, portable structures, and construction materials.

Although you’ll compete with established companies like U-Haul, some customers may choose you for your availability. A prospective customer may see no sense in booking a reservation with a company when you’re ready to move the next minute.

Furthermore, not everybody likes driving. The person seeking transport services may dislike the idea of hiring a vehicle and driving it himself. You may still earn from such an opportunity by providing the driving services.

How to Start a Moving Service

If you already own a truck and trailer, there are two options to choose from in starting a moving service. First, you may decide to start your moving service. For this option, you’ll need good marketing skills and some connections here and there.

However, you may opt to avoid the strain that comes with managing a business and join an existing moving service. Here you get to connect with customers more efficiently. 

Goshare and Dolly are such companies. They provide automobile and moving charges per hour. However, the type of vehicle chosen affects the carrying capacity and thus alters the charge per hour.

  1. Tow Vehicles

Moving property isn’t the only utility of a large truck. If it’s strong enough to pull other vehicles, you can earn money by offering towing services to stranded drivers. 

Drivers could get stuck from a flat tire, run out of fuel, or slide into a ditch in snowy weather. Moving junk cars also need such services. Further tow services aren’t limited to vehicles. You can tow small boats and trailers at a fee.

Tow drivers earn by towing cars for up to 100 miles from the breakdown scene to a destination decided by the owner.

Requirements for the Towing Service

Apart from a valid driving license, you’ll need to decide the kind of towing you’ll engage in. Using the tow cable is the cheapest. However, it comes with its hazards. Sometimes the cable may snap and cause injuries or damage the vehicle.

A tow dolly is better and safer than a tow cable. However, it comes at a higher cost.

Using a tow trailer is the safest yet most expensive option, though it’s only ideal for tow trucks. 

You should be prepared to incur some costs in purchasing the towing equipment. Finally, you’ll need to ensure that you’ve mastered enough towing skills to avoid getting stuck in the middle of an operation.

It’s essential to inform your insurance provider that you’re using your vehicle for towing. They’ll advise you on the proper Insurance Cover.

  1. Join Uber

Do you belong to the category of drivers that value socializing with other people in their line of duty? If yes, offering Rideshare services is your thing. You drive, socialize and earn!

The Uber App is one of the most popular platforms for Rideshare services. As a service provider, you’ll need to download the app and sign up. You have the discretion of choosing the trips along your route.

The platform comes with a lot of convenience for the driver. It displays the pickup and drop-off location for your passengers.

Further, it displays the amount of pay you’ll get. Drivers thus make informed decisions when accepting or declining offers.

Key Requirements for an Uber Driver

Although the signup process is relatively easy, you have to be prepared to meet some conditions. Despite having a valid United States Driving License, it’s a requirement to have driven on American roads for at least a year. However, if you’re not 23 years of age, the experience required is even more.

Additionally, there’s the background check. Carrying passengers is sensitive. Thus, it’s a vital requirement to have zero criminal records. In addition, your driving record should be spotless.

There are more requirements for the vehicle to be used. Despite passing the requisite Uber inspection, it shouldn’t be older than 15 years.

It’s important to talk to your insurer about your new ridesharing gig to avoid insurance gaps. So, it’s crucial to consider going for Rideshare Insurance Covers, to avoid messing up with your Personal Insurance.

  1. Start a Car Advertising Service

Did you know that you could drive to new places without a passenger or parcel yet earn from it? That’s only possible by using your car to move adverts. Experts wrap the advert around your car and then you drive it around.

Essentially, the advertising company decides the driving route for you. They’ll sometimes track your movements to avoid paying for a stagnant ad on your car lying in your backyard.

The question on your mind is, where do I get such gigs? Well, there are car-wrapping companies that work in accord with brands looking to advertise. Let me share some with you.

Ad Wrapping Companies in the United States

Carvertise helps drivers earn an average of $100 a single month. The amount could double for high-paying adverts. Drivers are required to own cars aged less than ten years and can drive at least 30 miles in a day. 

Wrapify is another US wrapping company that could help you earn an average of $500 for full body wraps that cover all the factory paint jobs. It presents a better chance of earning more in a shorter period. Unlike Carvertise, its connection with blue-chip companies like Microsoft ensures higher pay for drivers.

  1. Deliver on Amazon

Amazon Flex is a courier service that helps the online market Amazon deliver orders to its customers faster. Independent drivers use their vehicles to earn up to $25 an hour for deliveries. 

Amazon prefers it due to fewer courier procedures typical of established courier firms.

As a driver, you have to indicate your availability on the Amazon Flex platform. When the delivery is due, you pick up orders from the Amazon warehouse and deliver them to the given address. The application gives you the direction.

What Do I Need To Enlist As A Driver On Amazon Flex?

Apart from the minimum age of 21, you’ll need a medium to large-size vehicle. Moreover, a valid driving license is a mandatory requirement.

Further, you’ll need excellent driving skills. The time you take to deliver an order affects your pay.

  1. Start a Road Trip YouTube Channel

Earning from a YouTube channel is for those drivers who like outings and adventure. You can share your road trips through videos and photos posted on your YouTube channel.

Creativity is critical for this, though. A road trip isn’t all about the car. Sharing the picturesque sceneries, fun activities, best snacks, and ideal music for the outings act as bait to your channel.

If you’re lucky to have a massive YouTube following, you can allow ads on your videos. YouTube will pay you for the number of viewers and clicks on ads through your videos.

  1. Be a Nanny

Drivers, especially those still in college, could earn from their driving skills by taking up babysitting roles. On top of other duties, families may hire you to drive school-going kids to and from school. Additionally, the family could ask you to help in a family road trip.

The payment depends on the agreement with the family. The employer may pay for frequent roles through a monthly salary. Once-in-a-while gigs get paid in piecemeal.

Due to the sensitivity of this job, you’ll require some registration where a centralized database captures your biometrics. Additionally, you’ll have to be at least 23 years of age, have no criminal background, and have a clean driving record.

  1. Become a Tourist’s Guide 

If you know the area around you like the back of your hand, you may consider using your car for sightseeing tours. The more destinations you cover, the better the pay.

On top of that, you’ll need excellent communication skills. Tourists are not out for sightseeing only. They’ll like you to share informed tips and tricks and keep them entertained.


Cars are always depreciating. Choosing to get paid to drive is such an easy task that helps offset some of the depreciation and pick up some bucks along the way.

 Nevertheless, it’s a trade that comes with its well-kept secrets. You’ll need to leave your comfort zone and find customers on all fronts. Apart from the local contact network, you may need to join courier and Auto Driveaway firms to remain assured of a chain of gigs. Ultimately, you’ll need to consider all the relevant requirements for a particular field before diving in.

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