Hello, my name is Peter Mwangi Karanja, and I am a freelance Digital Marketing writer

What I do

I help online business owners, affiliate marketers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs create high quality online content to populate their blogs, increase their online visibility, and reach their audiences.

I write well researched conversational blog posts in the capacity of a freelance writer.

  • Build your ranking on search engine through Google-friendly SEO
  • Draw new site visitors and build your engagement rates
  • Increase your social shares and get more traf

Previous Experience

I have always loved writing from when I was young. I’ve won writing competitions since I was 8 and writing has always been my best way of expression.

I begun freelance writing, in the year 2016, and the perfection process has been ongoing since then.

Words carry meanings. I believe in enhancing meaning through creativity, clarity and simplicity.

Why Work With me?

I treat freelancing as a business- not a side hustle. I have invested a lot in becoming a great writer who you can comfortably trust to handle all of your content needs.

With a digital marketing background and in-depth knowledge in SEO and content marketing, my skills and expertise are of importance for anyone in the digital marketing and online entreprenurship space.

You’ll find me extremely easy and fun to work with.