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“We are so happy with the content that Peter produces for us on a regular basis. He does a great job researching the topics and demonstrates accurate technical knowledge of our niche. He also knows how to put together the articles to maximize readability and get traffic to the website, which is a huge plus. He’s one of our most dependable writers!”
Elizabeth Ciobanu, Drone Blog

Have you been thinking...

I am too overwhelmed by my online business and would really appreciate a reliable writer to take care of developing content for my website?

My content development game is low and I am leaving money on the table. If only I had my own writer who would help me get to where I want.

I know the power of creating valuable content for our website but I really suck at it. A consistent source of content would be great for our website.

... then, that's good! I'm glad you're here.

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 a professional and experienced writer to…

automate and optimise YOUR content writing process

and turn blogposts into INCOME STREAMS…

so that YOU can FOCUS on your CLIENTS and keep the pipeline full

Powerful and Personal Support to...

  • Update your website with high quality, unique, and original blog posts REGULARLY
  • No b.s, no late deliveries, no typos, no grammar errors, zero fluff 
  • Credible content only: scientific research and evidence based resources only
  • 100% value based informative content that glues your readers to the screen
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What can I do for you?

Web copy

Creating a new web page and you want cutting edge copy that will give you results? We follow proven strategies in creating the perfect webcopy for your website

Blog posts

Blog posts are a great way of building authority in your niche. We will help you create your expertise and create catchy headlines that supercharge your Click-Through-Rates

SEO content

Are you on an SEO strategy and need content to help Google rank your website? Are you craving for 1st position on Page 1 of Google? It takes effort and we will make it for you.

E-comm product reviews

Are you a niche website? Or do you have products that you would love reviewed? We have the perfect secret sauce needed to create converting product review articles

Content repurposing

Did you just get off on a podcast or interview that had value written all over it? Perfect. We can listen to these and get perfect summaries for posting on your website or social media

Social media posts

Social media is low- hanging traffic you could harness with the right type of content. Get things going and enjoy inbound traffic from social media. A great way to get those social shares.

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Work with a freelance marketing writer who…

✔ Understands and knows how to use the powerful elements that go into high converting content marketing campaigns. I’ve created massive results for my coaching, info-product, and eCommerce clients.

✔ Communicates efficiently and is 100% invested in getting you results. I’m not going to waste your time by making mistakes that can be avoided through clear communication.

✔ Can nail your voice and write in a way that shows your personality (or the personality you want)

✔ Can get into the head of your market and do independent research on what your audience is hungry to know more about: objective, analytical, and in-depth research that helps you focus on your audience’s pain points

✔ Will work with you until you get results. The hard work I do doesn’t end after you click ‘post’

✔ Has a proven system of writing different types of content making the process smooth for you.


Frequently asked questions

I prefer to start with a quick 30 minutes live interview with all my new clients. Of course, we can do it for less than 30 minutes. I get to know you, your business, and how you would like us to work together. I listen to what you have in mind, and consult with you on what you should expect from me as a content writing service provider. We also discuss important details that involve our collaboration agreement, and the terms and conditions of our partnership.

Upon successfully agreeing to work together on your project, the contract signed will elaborate- in simple and clear terms- what you should expect from me. 

In addition, you should expect frequent and clear comunication of delivery times and request for resources (if any.) I wll need to get to you regularly just so you can receive updates on the progress of your project.

If and when there are foreseen delays, I will communicate to you in not less than 48 hours prior.

In case of emergencies such as sickness, power interruptions, or any other technical difficulties, I will notify you through an official “Sincere Apology:  Workflow Interruption” email. The email will cite the exact cause of delays and an estimate of when to expect the next project delivery.

Unless such inconveniences crop prior to a weekend, or I get a severe health compromise, any pending work shall be delivered in no more than 48 hours, failure to which I will terminate the contract and make a refund for all works that are yet to be delivered at the point of contract termination.

It is a client’s responsibility to ensure that I receive all the necessary information required for a successful commencement, progress, and fulfilment of a project.

I (as the content writer on contract) will not be liable for any damage or compromise on quality and expectations. If a project is successfully completed and the client disputes the quality of the submitted project/ blog post/ article based on a piece of information that was not presented at the start of content development, the client will be responsible for any extra expenses required to make the needed changes.

I have the right to terminate a contract on the basis of late communication, or absolute lack of communication. However, for a project to be terminated on the basis of late communication or lack of communication, you will have received official notification titled “Critical Communication Expected: Please Respond.” Failure to respond to this email will result to the termination of a project, and you will be liable for any expenses incurred.

Otherwise, please let me know of your availability or unavailability to make sure that your project runs smoothly.

All payments must be made before any project commences.

We value your work too much and we would hate to have any interruptions on our delivery schedules due to unsettled claims.

It is therefore paramount that we receive all the project moneys in full before a project starts.

For projects above $2500, we shall expect 50% upfront down payment before the commencement of a project.

We prefer to receive our payments through Transferwise, Payoneer, or PayPal.

Bank Transfers are also welcome for transfers exceeding $1500.

All the payment details will be provided upon signing a contract.


You can cancel a contract midway.

However, if there is any task of the project under progress during the time of cancellation, the client will be charged for the task, after which the contract shall be terminated.


However, refunds can only be made on specific terms.

  1. A client will receive full refund if a contract is terminated before any work on tasks has begun.
  2. Upon beginning the work on tasks of the project, a client will be charged for the tasks under progress and there will be the rest will be refunded.
  3. We cannot refund any payments for projects that have already been delivered and approved by the client as high quality.
  4. If a task is completed and the client is not satisfied about the quality, the client has the right to claim two revisions. 

These FAQs provide answers to some of thebiggest challenges that harm partnerships between freelancers and business owners. Thank you for your understanding.

Our clients say

We are so happy with the content that Peter produces for us on a regular basis. He does a great job researching the topics and demonstrates accurate technical knowledge of our niche. He also knows how to put together the articles to maximize readability and get traffic to the website, which is a huge plus. He's one of our most dependable writers!
Stellar article and superb blog writing skills !!! I am thoroughly impressed! 5 Stars
Sugu Drones
RS Jack From Sugu Drones
SUGU Drones
Easy to work with with good communication
Client on Fiverr
Peter has been writing for me for the past couple of years. The fact that he is still writing for me to date means that he is good at what he does. The articles are well researched and well written, they rank well on Google and his review articles convert extremely well. Peter goes above and beyond to ensure that I’m satisfied with his work. He is easy to work with, follows instructions and is responsive. So I can’t recommend him enough!
Carol Dike
Carol Dike
Affiliate Marketer